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What Burns Me Up 


Miss August!

The High Energy, Real Talking Beauty Professional with over a decade of experience as a Model, Makeup Artist, and Visual Consultant. "What Burns Me Up" is a safe place where we say what's on our minds about everyday complex or simple situations, pet peeves & irritations. 

 We live our day-to-day lives doing our best to evolve, become and be better people!

However, there are some things that we must get off our chest to curve our anxiety. Join me as we enjoy a short but sweet time!

Remember, it only burns when your close, 

However, where there’s smoke, 

there’s fire, and that’s probably going to Burn Me Up….

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Meet Simple Beauty

by Miss August

This is the home of Simple Beauty! Created by Miss August! Model, Makeup Artist & Podcast Host. Our beliefs fuel our commitment to offering an impressive range of products; We believe Beauty radiates from the inside.

Simple Beauty is born out of Passion. We aim to Empower & focus on Inner Beauty while exploring simplistic beauty styles to teach and executeSimple Beauty represents an eclectic lifestyle brand where craftsmanship, luxury & style intertwine. We curate and sell a tightly-edited array of products and strictly adhere to Our brand values. All of our products are sourced from quality makers and we can guarantee the standard of our products. 

We offer a host of unique services that you won't find anywhere else! Beauty Classes, Runway Training  Experiences that are unmatched & a Podcast packed full of Tips, Tricks, and Wellness! 


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